About - Molders Developers

“Developing luxurious and energy-efficient smart properties that save you money.”

Molders – Developers is a private real estate development company that works to expand convenient housing opportunities in Ghana. The agency is one of four subsidiaries of Molders Group, and among its services are property ownership and management, housing financing, and housing advisory.

The company has top personnel with expertise in respective fields, and keen to introduce and incorporate the latest technologies and ideas as we evolve. We have plans to expand the company’s operation in the future.

The firm’s projects are the destination of choice for those seeking affordable, modern, and well-planned commercial or residential buildings, and we make it our goal to provide suitable and diverse developments to meet all standards. We take pride in our swift and affordable services and can work within the stipulated period.

Our Mission & Vision

Molders-Developers is committed to partnering with businesses and all stakeholders whose interest is to ensure that quality and suitable property are available to all customers.

To bring innovation to the real estate industry, and become the fastest growing and most preferred development company in Ghana and beyond.

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